Benefits of Couples Massage

Being in love is the most beautiful thing. So, couples who like to spice up their relationship must get a couple massage. It is a shared experience like no other. You and your significant other might enjoy gourmet meals, travel to the nooks and corners of the world, or binge-watch new shows on Netflix, but couple massage is a simple way to keep the romance alive whilst relaxing the body together. 

Couple massage is an experience for two people, at the same time, in the same room but on different massage beds/tables and performed by two massage therapists. Getting couple massages frequently can be very beneficial for the physical and mental health and the relationship. 

Why Choose Couple’s Massage? 

  • Release Stress and Anxiety.

The everyday hustle at the workplace and the day-to-day responsibilities get the best of your mental health—the stress and anxiety from these hampers the relationship. A massage is a quick resolution to reduce stress and anxiety. The dopamine and serotonin (chemicals for well-being) released during the massage lowers cortisol. A regular massage session with your partner can enhance the mood while also keeping the stress away. This will automatically benefit the relationship as well. 

  • Quality Time 

It might be challenging to find time for both of you sometimes. But when you do- it is always the usual. Rather than spending on expensive dinner dates and trips, you can book an appointment for a couples massage at Virtue Massage. It would be an hour-long session, but you will be a new person after the massage-relaxed and happy. It would be the best value for your money as you would be together, away from your phones and enjoying each other’s company. A couple massage is worth it. 

  • Increased Intimacy 

The body releases oxytocin during a massage also referred to as the happy chemical. There is no doubt that the body and mind would be relaxed. However, couples can expect to have an increased sense of pleasure, happiness and calmness after the massage session. As a result, you can enjoy better intimacy with your partner-both emotional and physical and improve your relationship. 

  • Re-connect 

The past and future problems only increase the tension between you and your partner. Conclusion: there are so many things that keep you worried, such as bills, work stress, and anxiety, that it becomes a hindrance between you and your partner. You fail to communicate, and the relationship feels like a burden. Getting couple massage is the easiest option among all the things that can be done to regain the lost charm of your relationship. All you have to do is book a good time for yourself and yours at Virtue Massage. Let the massage therapist work their magic, and by the end of the session, you and your partner will have a lot to talk about with a calm mind and relaxed body. 

  • Something New

If both you and your partner like to try something new to keep the spirit of your relationship alive, then couple massage should be on that list. It is the best way to rejuvenate without maxing out your credit cards. Both can enjoy quality time and let go of any physical or emotional stress. A couple massage is an exciting activity that is light on your wallet and isn’t like ordinary things. 

These are some of the benefits of couple massage. Every couple should opt for a couple massage once in a while to enhance their relationship. It is affordable and necessary. 

Couple Massage at Virtue

At Virtue Massage, we use different techniques depending on the objective of the massage. Our treatments can be aimed at physical relaxation, stress relief, pain relief or correction of body posture. Virtue Massage is ideally located at Surfers Paradise. It is among the best place to enjoy couple massage on Gold Coast. We also offer the most affordable couple massage in Surfers Paradise. 

The price of the couple massage can vary depending on the hours you want to book the session for. We will ensure that you and your significant other fully relax after the massage appointment. It would be wise if you could tell the massage therapist of any physical strain before your session. 

Rest assured, we will do everything we can for you to make the experience worthwhile.

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