How Thai Massage Eases Lower Back Pain

Any body massage holds some or many benefits to the body and mind. Some massages are solely for relaxation while there are others that are meant to heal or simply, ease any kind of physical pain. Especially, Thai Massage Therapy is popular for its numerous benefits. The blog highlights how Thai Massage is a major boon for people with lower back pain issues. Read on to know more.

About Thai Massage

Thai Massage actually originated in India thousands of years ago. It is based on ancient ayurvedic healing massage principals and Yoga. This technique combines massage and stretches with yoga-like positions.

There are two styles of Thai Massage- the northern style and the southern style. The northern style of Thai Massage emphasizes stretching while the southern style focuses more on acupressure. The northern style is known to increase flexibility and helps achieve a broader range of motion. Unlike the other styles of massages, traditional Thai massages do not use oils or lotions and is performed while in clothes.

The impact on the body of a Thai Massage is similar to that of yoga. The therapist assists the stretches and guides the body back into proper alignment, improving overall posture. Improved posture then allows the joints to move within their intended ranges and positions, reversing and / or preventing pain.

Thai massage works the entire body. As the therapist assists in moving the body into yoga-like stretches, while using every part of his or her body- hands, knees, legs, and feet- to not only to stretch but also apply pressure on the muscles and loosen joints.

Thai Massage for Back Pain

The stretches in a Thai Massage relieve excess stress on the skeletal structure including the spine and provide lower back relief. The combination of gentle massage and stretches in this technique relaxes and lengthens any tight muscles. This will remove pressure from the back and allows the muscles to fall back into proper alignment, relieving the pain.

Thai massage is also an excellent option for those with serious injury or chronic pain conditions because it is gentler yet has a big effect. It’s ideal for those who can’t have a deep tissue massage performed on them, such as anyone with fibromyalgia or people recovering from an injury. Muscle compression and joint mobilization are used during the treatment, and acupressure provides a specifically Oriental medicine aspect. 

Pregnant women also can greatly benefit from Thai massage. Thai massage is similar to pre-natal yoga and can accomplish some of the same things. It can get the hips open and ready for birth, and can also significantly loosen other muscles that may be overcompensating during pregnancy, like those in the chest and back. Thai massage is completely about comfort, both during and after the actual massage, as the lasting effects provide a release of emotional as well as muscle tension.

Thai massage is also called as the “lazy man’s yoga” because it can accomplish many of the benefits of yoga, but it allows the body to be passive during the stretches. This doesn’t mean that the massage is only effective for those that don’t exercise often. There are athletes who seek out Thai massage, and it is incorporated in many sports massage practices. Thai massage can loosen muscles, open joints, and move

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