Keep Your Body Working with Customized Massage

There is no arguing, the benefits of a massage. It is a natural therapy that can provide remarkable and often instant results as well as can be highly beneficial to an individual’s overall physical and mental health.

Our skillful massage therapists are known to provide the best massage in Surfers Paradise. They can manipulate the skin, muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the body in such a way as to release tension, improve circulation, and increase relaxation, essentially helping the body to perform its natural functions more easily.

Custom massage sessions may incorporate a variety of modalities or techniques such as Swedish massage, deep tissue, neuromuscular therapy, trigger point therapy, reflexology, Reiki, myofascial release, stretching, and range of motion to arrive at a treatment that is totally individualized to each client and reflects the uniqueness of each therapist.

While most massages have in common the rubbing or kneading of the individual’s muscles and joints, they can vary quite widely from one to the next. A customized massage incorporates a variety of modalities, or types of massage techniques, to ensure the best-individualized treatment to each individual needs. Virtue Massage provides customized facial and body massage in Gold Coast.

What types of massage can be in a custom massage?

Virtue Massage is the best place for affordable massages in Surfers Paradise. Our therapists will utilize a tried-and-true portion of different types of massages and modalities to ensure each of our customer receive a customized massage session best suited to their needs.

Here are some of the massages that can be incorporated in a customized massage.

Deep tissue massage- it targets the deep layers of connective tissue and muscles in the body. This form of massage breaks down adhesions to restore natural movement and reduce pain. Since this type of massage involves deep pressure, it is best for individuals who have a medium to high pain tolerance especially, for athletes.

Swedish massage - promotes complete relaxation of the mind and the body. It triggers changes in the brain which results in reduced anxiety and an overall more improved mood. This is achieved by using gentle pressure to smoothly manipulate the muscle tissue

Hot stone massage- utilizes warm smooth stones that are placed on the body to relax the muscles which helps to reduce pain within the body.

Thai Massage Virtue Massage also provides an amazing Thai massage in Surfers Paradise. It involves a series of yoga-like stretches that your masseuse will manipulate your body into. This type of massage uses pulling, rocking, and stretching motions to help relieve pain and stress throughout the body.

Customize massages are used to tailor the massage towards your personal preferences and specific needs. This blend of techniques should relieve stress and tension in your body, and provide pain relief if needed. At our Surfers’ Paradise spa, our therapist will ask you which parts of the body you’d like to focus on – it’s also totally fine to choose an overall body massage.

Certain combinations are said to amplify the healing effects of massage. For example, a Swedish massage combined with a hot stone may increase circulation and metabolism quicker than using only one style.

Standard massages are designed to address very specific areas of the body in order to bring about very specific results. With a customized massage, our massage therapist will consult with the client to learn about exactly what they hope to achieve through a massage therapy session. By understanding what the client is experiencing, we can incorporate the various techniques that will better address and resolve these issues during that session. This can be especially useful when the client has some specific areas that are troubling them and want the massage session to focus primarily on these areas in order to provide them with relief.

Some of the things that a customized massage can address include:

Sedentary life- Constantly sitting–as many people do at work and at home–can create postural stress. Especially, if one is not sitting properly or is not sitting on supportive surfaces. This can result in discomfort in the shoulders and neck or pain and weakness in the low back and gluteal muscles. The right massage techniques can help to resolve these issues, and can even completely counter the effects of constant sitting if done on a regular basis. You can ask for a Swedish massage and Thai Massage to ease you from the pain of constant sitting

Easing muscle pain- Unless there is an underlying medical condition, massage can usually help to relax the muscles and improve circulation, which together can help to counteract the pain.

Soothing anxiety and depression- Our massage therapists’ comforting touch of their skilled hands can actually work in many cases to soothe your anxiety and depressions. In fact, a study had found that women who were diagnosed with breast cancer were less depressed and angry when they received massage therapy three times a week. At our Gold Coast massage center, we have a relaxing ambiance and our massage therapists use their skills to ease you from the daily stress and anxiety.

Improving sleep- A good quantity of high-quality sleep is necessary to help an individual’s body heal properly, but many individuals struggle to attain truly restful sleep on a regular basis. Customized massage can allow for the relaxation that the individual needs in order to fall into a deep, restful sleep.

Boosting immunity- Massage therapy including customized massages can actually boost the individual’s white blood cell count, thereby boosting their immunity. Massages are, by nature, very relaxing and can help an individual disconnect from stress and anxiety, achieve better sleep and generally feel more relaxed.

Relieving headaches- Individuals who experience migraines and other types of tension headaches can experience a reduction in both the frequency and severity of headache attacks when they receive regular massage therapy.

A combination massage allows you to enjoy multiple modalities at once and it can help you discover your preferred massage modality in one session.

Visit our Gold Coast spa to experience customized massages, Thai massages, Swedish massages, and etc.

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