STEP 1: How do you pick? Let us help!

Lashes Style

NATURAL(Full Classic)

Do you even need an explanation for this? If no make-up look is your forte, then this style is for you.


Captivating. Alluring. Seductive. That’s the glamour we provide.

SUPER STAR (3D Volume)

Unleash the star within you with our superstar look.

FULL DIVA (5D Volume)

Steal the Miss World look and go, total Diva.

BARBIE (Hybrid: Classic+Volume)

Fuller lashes, flirty eyes creates this vivacious baby doll look.

STEP 2: Choose your style.

Paradise Posh

Longer lashes in the middle, shorter on the sides creating simple and natural looking eyes.

Surfers Chick

Super long lashes in the middle, shorter on the sides. This style gives you gorgeous youthful looking eye.

Fierce Baby

Longer lashes in the end and even sized lashes elsewhere. It curates a daring yet elegant looking eyes.

FULL DIVA (5D Volume)

Shorter and longer lashes occurring intermittently, yielding thick luscious lashes to give you that dramatic looking eyes

Beautiful woman face

STEP 3: Select your curl type, length and thickness.

beautiful womanish eye

C curl

If you are in for a natural look, C curl is definitely your best friend. Just the lift of a lash curler and there you go, looking all natural and bright.

D curl

This curl adds more lift than C curl that enhances your natural lashes to give you a dense, fuller, doll eye look.


The thickness of your lashes is determined by the style you desire to accomplish. The diameters of eyelash extensions are available in the millimeter range.

Lash Length

Your lash length depends upon your current length and how much it can hold. You can choose to go 20% longer but be cautious that you are probably risking your lash health.

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