This traditional Asian massage combines assisted yoga postures, acupressure, and ancient principles to improve mood, relax muscles and relieve joint pain. Starting at feet and progressing up to the head this treatment uses no oil.Additionally, the recipient remains clothed in loose, comfortable wear. This treatment involves rhythmic pressing and stretching of the entire body. It follows the designated lines or ‘sen’ in the body.

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Upper body with oil and lower body Thai stretching.

Wave goodbye to insomnia, headaches and back pains with our world-class Thai Aroma Massage. Combining gentle muscular compression and exotic scents, it is sure to soothe your body, encourage positivity and heighten your senses. Thai Oil massage utilises the properties of specific oils, pressure, rhythmic massage and rolling techniques. It is a variant of Traditional Thai massage that uses deep rhythmic movements along the meridian or energy lines of the body.
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With its inception rooted in Sweden, Aroma oil relaxation massage is a type of massage where a specific type of oil or a particular lotion is used for the treatment. The aroma oil relaxation massage calms your body and energizes it. The massage soothes your mind and affects the nervous system in a better way. The aroma oil relaxation massage dramatically reduces your tension and stress.
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Everyone loves a good foot massage. Well, well, well this one is way better. In this treatment, pampering meets nurturing. Based on the system of zones and reflex areas this massage involves applying pressure to specific points on the foot that corresponds to organ and systems in the body, unlike regular foot massage.

Reflexology helps boost circulation, stimulate nerve function,
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Slouching over computers, strains from overexertion, poor posture are some of the reasons that causes neck, and shoulder pain. If this the case then, this massage should be your primary choice. This treatment helps release muscles in neck and shoulder, increases lymphatic drainage and ends with a foot massage which heals tired over-worked feet. The primary purpose is to eliminate tension and spasm from muscles, improve circulation and encourage relaxation.

Other immediate physical benefits include:

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Foot detoxification helps the body get rid of toxins or unhealthy substances via feet.Toxins range from impurities in the air to chemicals inside and outside the home.Ionic foot detox treatment includes footbaths, foot soaks, foot masks, foot pads, foot scrubs and acupressure-based techniques.

This detoxification gives the hydrogen in the water a positive charge which attracts the negatively charged toxins in the body.
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This treatment involves working on deeper layers of muscle tissue, namely, Tendons and Fascia. It aims to release the chronic patterns of tension in the body. Hence, it is recommended to people who are comfortable with firmer pressure.Initially, lighter weight is applied to warm up and prepare the muscles. Techniques such as stripping and friction are then used. Stripping includes deep gliding pressure along the length of muscle fibres while friction involves applying pressure across the grain of muscle to release adhesion and realign tissue fibres.

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This massage therapy intends to assess your body and design treatment that helps balance the length, tone, and tension of muscles and tendons.Before the massage, the recipient will have to provide inputs on his/her health and lifestyle to locate the difficulty. It aims to tackle the cause of the problem and the symptom.

When muscles are knotted, tense or damaged, remedial massage therapy offers a holistic method of healing using gentle, strong, deep or shallow movements.
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This therapy involves Ayurvedic techniques which treat mind, body and spirit. It works by engaging the seven chakras located in our body. It activates various pressure points that reduce stress in the body. This massage is done with gentle movements and light pressure with fingertips.

The many benefits of head massage therapy are:
• Increases level of good hormones in the body which in turn relaxes and reduces stress.
• Induces deep and sound sleep.
• Reduces headaches.
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STEP 1: How do you pick? Let us help!

NATURAL(Full Classic)

Do you even need an explanation for this? If no make-up look is your forte, then this style is for you.


Captivating. Alluring. Seductive. That’s the glamour we provide.

SUPER STAR (3D Volume)

Unleash the star within you with our superstar look.

FULL DIVA (5D Volume)

Steal the Miss World look and go, total Diva.

BARBIE (Hybrid: Classic+Volume)

Fuller lashes, flirty eyes creates this vivacious baby doll look.

STEP 2: Choose your style.

Paradise Posh

Longer lashes in the middle, shorter on the sides creating simple and natural looking eyes.

Surfers Chick

Super long lashes in the middle, shorter on the sides. This style gives you gorgeous youthful looking eye.

Fierce Baby

Longer lashes in the end and even sized lashes elsewhere. It curates a daring yet elegant looking eyes.

FULL DIVA (5D Volume)

Shorter and longer lashes occurring intermittently, yielding thick luscious lashes to give you that dramatic looking eyes

STEP 3: Select your curl type, length and thickness.

C curl

If you are in for a natural look, C curl is definitely your best friend. Just the lift of a lash curler and there you go, looking all natural and bright.

D curl

This curl adds more lift than C curl that enhances your natural lashes to give you a dense, fuller, doll eye look.


The thickness of your lashes is determined by the style you desire to accomplish. The diameters of eyelash extensions are available in the millimeter range.

Lash Length

Your lash length depends upon your current length and how much it can hold. You can choose to go 20% longer but be cautious that you are probably risking your lash health.

Facial Massage

At Virtue Massage, our expert masseuses offer a new way to rediscover your mind body and soul through our tranquil and harmonious massage services. Located in Surfers Paradise, you can find serenity, luxury and world-class massages for every part of your body.

Our focus on techniques that heal your body in ways you never thought possible, leave you revitalised and rejuvenated in just 40 minutes. Experience a serene journey into your body with our facial massage services today.

  • Basic Treatment — 40 minutes
  • Special Treatment — 70 minutes
  • Full Special Treatment — 90 minutes

Basic Treatment

The basic facial treatment package involves 40 minutes of professional facial massage treatment options including cleansing, moisturising, massage and a modelling mask. It is the perfect option for those that are time-poor or require the four most popular and critical facial treatment options with have available.

Basic Treatment

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Special Treatment

The special treatment package provides a complete facial massage and treatment option that is designed to clean, hydrate and rejuvenate your skin using state-of-the-art technology and natural active ingredients. This 70 minute treatment will completely transform your skin, leaving you with naturally glowing skin.

Special Treatment

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Full Special Treatment

The full special treatment includes all of our facial treatment options across a 90 minute visit to Virtue Massage. It is the very best treatment option for your skin and is perfect for those that need the very best facial treatment and massage options. Our use of advance techniques, the latest technology and the very best ingredients makes this facial massage treatment you need to try at least once.

Full Special Treatment

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Body & Face Ultimate Treatment

The body and face ultimate treatment is a complete experience for your mind, body and soul. We start with a body massage and work our way up — utilising our extensive massage knowledge, soothing oils, hydrating creams and much more. If you are looking for complete full body rejuvenation, the body and face ultimate treatment will restore your body.

Body & Face Ultimate Treatment
(60 mins Body Treatment + Special Facial Treatment)

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Modelling mask

Our unique modelling masks create a paste that is applied to your face and forces our active ingredients into your skin. These masks are excellent for treating acne, wrinkles, ageing skin and more, all while leaving your skin glowing.

Head massage

A scalp and face massage by one of our specialists can ensure that you are in a relaxed environment that is perfect for renewing your energy through our unique massage experience. A head massage can help increase blood flow, enhance your hair roots, reduce dry scalps and help reduce hair loss.


We help our clients by using a range of cleansing tools and products to hydrate your face and an unclog your pores. Our unique combination of the very best facial cleansing products as well as our facial massages allow us to deliver a truly divine experience when you choose our cleaning option.

LED face mask

Light therapy, or LED treatments is a new option for treating acne, regulating the natural production of oil, stimulating collagen and elastin, all while being able to minimise your skin’s redness and wrinkles. LED uses specific wavelengths that are shown to reduce dark spots and uneven skin tone.


The decollete massage involves one of our masseuses gently massaging your face and neck in a circular motion. These firm upward strokes, using the palms, is an important restorative massage technique for the neck, upper chest and jawline.

You will find that our techniques rejuvenate sagging skin, removes dead skin cells and helps to correct uneven distribution of collagen that would normally hold the skin firmly in place. You will feel more relaxed after a decollete massage with Virtue Massage.


After a deep skin cleanse, exfoliation targets any signs of ageing and uneven skin tone you may have. Our treatment options provide powerful exfoliation and renewal of your skin, leaving you with a smoother, younger looking face.


We use a number of different moisturising products in conjunction with many of our other facial massage services to provide a complete experience for our customers. Your skin will be fresh and better than ever with our moisturising products.


Choosing our steam options is a fantastic way to cleanse and hydrate your skill while releasing acne-causing bacteria, cells and trapped sebum. You will find that it also promotes blood circulation, collagen and elastin production all while helping with any sinus congestion you may have.


Our ultrasound massage is a gentle, non-invasive treatment for even the most sensitive skin that needs help with acne or ageing skin. The ultrasound uses sound waves at a unique frequency increasing cellular turnover to smooth out your skin, improve acne, tighten enlarged pores and relieve redness

Rejuvenate Your Skin Today

Our facial massage services are suitable for anyone looking for 40 minutes of pure bliss or someone needing professional skincare services to treat skin conditions. The experienced masseuses and experts at Virtue Massage can help you find the perfect treatment option. Contact us today on (07) 5667 9133 or info@virtuemassage.com.au for more information.

Chronic Pain Treatment

Chronic pain can occur immediately after an injury or slowly appear over time. It is defined as ongoing pain that lasts 12-weeks or more. The most common causes of chronic pain include injury or a long-term illness. It can appear in all parts of your body and creates stress and anxiety.

Our therapist, with over 15 years of experience, use advanced massage techniques to reduce the pain cycle and relive your body from chronic pain. In turn, relieving symptoms such as headaches, neck pain and insomnia.

Discover a pathway to recover with Virtue Massage. Our experienced team can help reduce pain, stress and increase your relaxation. We understand that chronic pain can deeply affect your work-life balance. Choose Virtue Massage to help you rediscover your body and ease chronic pain today with our treatment options.

Chronic Pain Treatment by appointment only.

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