Relaxing Back Massage


This treatment involves working on deeper layers of muscle tissue, namely, Tendons and Fascia. It aims to release the chronic patterns of tension in the body. Hence, it is recommended to people who are comfortable with firmer pressure.Initially, lighter weight is applied to warm up and prepare the muscles. Techniques such as stripping and friction are then used. Stripping includes deep gliding pressure along the length of muscle fibres while friction involves applying pressure across the grain of muscle to release adhesion and realign tissue fibres.

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This massage therapy intends to assess your body and design treatment that helps balance the length, tone, and tension of muscles and tendons.Before the massage, the recipient will have to provide inputs on his/her health and lifestyle to locate the difficulty. It aims to tackle the cause of the problem and the symptom.

When muscles are knotted, tense or damaged, remedial massage therapy offers a holistic method of healing using gentle, strong, deep or shallow movements.
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Remedial Massage
Head Massage


This therapy involves Ayurvedic techniques which treat mind, body and spirit. It works by engaging the seven chakras located in our body. It activates various pressure points that reduce stress in the body. This massage is done with gentle movements and light pressure with fingertips.

The many benefits of head massage therapy are:
• Increases level of good hormones in the body which in turn relaxes and reduces stress.
• Induces deep and sound sleep.
• Reduces headaches.
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