Why You Should Get a Massage in Gold Coast?

Massage is therapeutic. It relaxes, heals and relieves you of any physical or mental strain. There are many massages and treatments. At Virtue, the best massage spa at Surfer’s Paradise, our massage therapists ensure that you get the best value for your money.

Gold Coast is often referred as Australia’s holiday capital. It is home to the most ‘Instagramable’ beaches, shopping, dining and attractions that will have you craving for more. Surfers Paradise in one of the most sought for a lot of tourists and locals alike. There are infinite options to dine, relax or simply, unwind at one of the beaches.

You can shop, dine or party all you want however, to get the best out of your time in Gold Coast is to book an appointment at one the massage parlors and spa nearby. Yes, you read that right! Gold Coast also is home to spa and massage parlors-each very unique and providing exquisite services. 

We have outlined some of the basic reason why you add or opt for a Gold Coast massage in your itinerary here: 

  1. Massages Help in Stress Reduction

You made your mind to relax and get your mind out of stress. What better way to start then to get some relaxing massage? It might not be proven scientifically, but massages help in reduction of blood pressure and heart rate. Massages increases the brain serotonin and dopamine which are essential chemicals for happiness and good mood. It has been shown that even one single massage session can decrease the symptoms of depression.

  1. Massages for Physical Pain Reduction

Any sort of pain- even a mild headache can affect our behavior and can ruin someone’s day and yours. You could rely on medicines but we highly recommend booking an appointment at the spa for the pain reduction in a relaxing manner. Massages release endorphins in the body and loosen tight muscles. Massages reduces the stress in muscles and promote flexibility. If you are regular massage recipient, then you have a higher threshold for pain than people who do not have regular massage. 

  1. Sleep Better 

A well-relaxed body is capable of achieving so much. Massages increase the production of serotonin and melatonin which helps with relaxation and stress reduction. It is a fact that when you get a good sleep, you wake up feeling energized and in a happy mood. Similarly, when you opt for a massage in Gold Coast, you are in for a much-needed rejuvenation time that will help you unwind and enjoy the rest of your time to the fullest. 

  1. Intimacy

Most of the couples who visit Gold Coast are looking for some personal time to strengthen their relationship. The couples who want to take some time off the bustle of the city, will find the best way to enjoy some togetherness by making a reservation at the nearest massage centers. Virtue Massage also offers the most affordable couple massage in Surfers Paradise. Both you and your partner can enjoy a pleasant experience while the massage therapist uses their magic to calm your senses. Massages are also a fun tool to practice communicating your likes and dislikes with a partner, which can sometimes feel intimidating or uncomfortable. 

  1. Add a luxurious feeling to your holiday

We are all familiar of the same holiday pattern. It majorly includes, some sight-seeing; relishing some unique sips and bites; a little adventure activities and shopping. Yet, there are others who like to enjoy peace and quiet. Including a day at the spa is added luxury to your vacation. Of course, the cost would vary from one spa to another. Spend a good hour or two amidst the soothing music while the masseuse uses their hands to gently massage your body with essential oils-truly an unmatched, worthwhile experience. After your pampering session, enjoy the feeling of calm and relaxation for a longer time.  

Everyone has their purpose of visiting Gold Coast. Why not make it an experience worth having with massages and day at the spa. Surfers Paradise is a hub for all things fun. There are many spa and massage centers as well. If you are looking for good massage in Surfers Paradise, Virtue Massage is your ideal spot. Virtue Massage in Surfers Paradise offers various massages such Asian massages, facial treatments, body and facial treatments. 

Our spa is located in the heart of the happening spot in Surfers Paradise. Our aim is to provide the best massage experience at half the rates whilst providing you the much-deserved relaxing time. You can book an appointment with us and let us handle the rest. 

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Massage is therapeutic. It relaxes, heals and relieves you of any physical or mental strain. There are many massages and treatments. At Virtue, the best massage spa at Surfer’s Paradise, our massage therapists ensure that you get the best value for your money.

Thai massage originated in India and has been around for over 2,500 years. Initially regarded as a healing art, traditional Thai massage includes Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine influences.

Sometimes referred to as assisted yoga, Thai massage focuses on improving energy flow throughout your body. Unlike typical Western-type massages, it doesn’t involve lying on a massage bed while a massage therapist applies oil to your body and kneads your muscles and pressure points. Instead, you lie fully clothed on a mat on the ground while a practitioner uses stretching, pulling, and rocking techniques to relieve tension, promote relaxation, and improve flexibility and circulation.

Particularly, Thai Massage has been the most demanded massage among our customers.

Thai massage is based on the idea that energy moves through your body along predictable lines or pathways known as sens. In a traditional Thai massage, practitioners use their hands, thumbs, elbows, forearms, and sometimes even their feet to reduce muscle tension.

To increase the flow of energy along with the sens, the practitioner will move your body into yoga-like positions in addition to pulling and rocking your body in various ways.

The combination of stretching, movement, and pressure distinguishes Thai massage from other types of massage.

Thai massage may be a good option for you if you want a more active massage, where you move and participate instead of lying down throughout your massage.

Massage can be very relaxing and good for your well-being. However, there are certain things that needs to be taken care of before and after to get the best out of the Thai Massage. Here is everything that you need to know about what you need to before getting a Thai Massage.

1. Stay Hydrated

Drinking lots of water and fluids except coffee before your Thai Massage. This makes the muscles pliable.

2. Warm shower

A relaxing shower before your Thai massage appointment can be very helpful. This will loosen up your muscles and lighten you up. Also, when you enter the spa being clean and fresh will be very beneficial for the masseuse as well.

3. Wear comfortable clothes

Wearing tight clothes is not advised especially for Thai Massage. The more comfortable you are with your attire, the easier it would be for the Thai massage therapist to provide a relaxing massage to you.

4. Avoid heavy meal

Eating a heavy meal before your massage appointment will only make it worse. Instead, try eating as much fruits as you can if you didn’t have time to eat.

5. Arrive early and communicate with your therapist

This is a very good practice. When you arrive early for your appointment, you can have the time to get used to the ambiance of the spa. More importantly, you will have time to talk your therapist and communicate what you expect from the massage so that they can know exactly what needs to be done. The therapists at our spa at Surfers Paradise are always ready to listen to you so that you can have the best time after a stressful time.

For the massage to have a lasting impact, certain things should be taken care of such as

1. Avoid alcohol

Some people like to relish a glass of wine after a rejuvenating massage for a good time. This is not a good idea for the massage to be impactful as alcohol and its toxins dull your senses. Even if you had a rough week, try to stay away from alcohol.

2. Don’t Shower Immediately

Many believe that taking a hot shower immediately after their session makes them feel relaxed. This may be doing more harm than good. Wait for at least an hour, before taking a shower. (This is highly advised for massages other than Thai massage for the essential oils to absorb to your skin)

3. Don’t get involved in exhausting activities

This is a common myth among the people that exercising is great after relaxing your muscles. Wrong. You should continue to keep your body and muscles in a relaxed state to avoid injuring the muscles. Indulge in some light activity such as reading or watching a movie- anything that keeps you relaxed physically and mentally.

4. Don’t stay too still

While it’s very important keep your body relaxed after a massage session. However, sitting still for prolonged hours is not good either. Do some light stretches and walk occasionally. This would help you relieve the pain after the massage as well.

5. Don’t overeat

Eating a huge amount of food before or after a massage is not a wise idea. Indulging yourselves in heavy carbs and sugar will have an adverse impact on your health. Eat some light and healthy snacks, fruits and juices after an hour so when your massage session is over.

These are tried and tested tips to remember before and after your Thai massage. If you are looking for good massage in Surfers Paradise, Virtue Massage is your ideal spot. Our spa is located in the heart of the happening spot in Surfers Paradise. We specialize in providing variety of massage and treatments. You can also opt for couple massages in Gold Coast. Book your next

massage with us at affordable rates. We look forward to serve you with the best Asian massages, facial treatments, body and facial massages in Surfers Paradise.

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