5 Ways Thai Massage Is Necessary for Athletes

Athletes need to be in their best form. The highly active life of the athletes makes it difficult for them to take a break. Injury or any kind of damage to their physical form is something that they cannot risk. But as you know, uncertainties get the best of everyone. Athletes need to go through a painful recovery process and therapy in order to get back to their active life. Which is were ‘Massage Therapy’ plays a vital role. Research have proven that massage therapy has a very positive impact and it aids in faster recovery as well.

Thai Massage are very beneficial for athletes. The blog will dissect the ‘how’s’ and the ‘whys’ so that you visit Virtue Massage as soon as possible.

Thai Massage

Unlike other forms of massage, Thai massage is a cross between assisted yoga and compressive massage. A massage therapist uses therapeutic stretching and compression techniques in this specialized modality. In this massage, the recipient wears loose clothes and is normally performed on the floor without the use of oils.

Benefits of Thai Massage

  • Enhanced Flexibility

Thai Massage relaxes the muscles. The relaxed muscles further increase the flexibility. During the massage session, the massage therapist blends stretching and massage which easily releases muscular adhesions. Flexible muscles curb the risks of an injury that’s why Thai Massage is highly recommended for athletes.

  • Better Circulation

Not just Thai massage. Almost all types of massages aid in better circulation of oxygen to the muscles. A good circulation also plays a major role in increased flexibility of the muscle. An improved circulation is also a preventative measure for future injuries and it also helps in faster recovery of injuries of the athlete.

  • Elevated Energy Levels

It’s so necessary for athletes to be pumped up and energized for the sport they are about to play. A good Thai massage session (preferably on a rest day or a day prior to the game) helps the sportsperson gain that extra boost of energy and perform their best.

  • Boosts Sleep and Mood

The pressure to perform their best in front of audiences worldwide can make the athlete lose sleep. A restful night is as important as any diet or supplement for a sportsperson. Therefore, getting a Thai massage before the D-day will allow the performer to get a sound sleep and further, an energized mood that ultimately reflects on their excellent performance.

  • Strengthens Immune System

An athlete is required to maintain a very healthy body, inside and out. A balanced diet and exercise are not adequate for good immune system. Athletes might also suffer from problems that are not sports related. Regular massage sessions have a positive effect on our immunity as well including increase in lymphocytes (white blood cells) that defend our body from diseases.

Why Thai Massage and Not Sports Massage?

It might not make sense that ‘sports massage’ which sounds like it is designed specifically for athletes is least popular than Thai Massage. The best way to explain this is the area of the impact. Sports massage, though very helpful, attends to only a specific area of the body. Whereas, Thai massage opens whole body. Increased blood flow to all the parts of the body gives the muscles the nutrients they need to be less prone to injury and recover faster. Moreover, the approach of a Thai massage stretches is gentler than sports massage. Therefore, Thai massage is the go-to option for athletes.

Thai Massages at Virtue

Thai massage is an ancient practice that dates back many centuries. It is known to provide a range of benefits such as reducing headaches, decreasing lower back and joint pain, and calming anxiety.

At Virtue Massage, we offer the best Thai massage at the most affordable rates. Virtue Massage offers traditional Thai massages which means that our highly professional massage therapists use their hands, thumbs, elbows, forearms, and maybe even their feet (if you’re comfortable with it) to relieve the tension from your muscles.

When you are looking to relieve stress, but in a more effective way than a traditional massage, choose Thai massage at Virtue Massage when you are at Gold Coast.

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